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Firefighting/ Emergency Medical Service

If you want to help people, can keep cool in intense situations, and are ready for a challenge, join the Firefighting/Emergency Medical Service program.  You can earn Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and professional fire fighter certification by the time you graduate.  You’ll train in the same settings as local firefighters.

  • Rescue, fire suppression, and other technical skills.
  • Emergency medical training.
  • Proper use of tools, apparatus, and equipment.
  • Knowledge of hazardous materials operations.
  • Scientific and mechanical principles associated with fire prevention and suppression.

(Note: This is a high school program. For options for adults, click here.)

Courses and Certifications  Essential Skills 

sophomores:  apply now for fall 2022!

Virtual Tour:

Scarlet Oaks


Timothy Allen

Center for Public Safety Services


College Credits

In this program you can earn college credit!

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Career Pathways

  • Fire fighter/EMT
  • Fire safety inspector
  • Paramedic
  • Fire officer

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  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B)
  • State of Ohio Professional Firefighter – Level 1
  • State of Ohio Professional Firefighter – Level 2
  • National Incident Management System 100, 200
  • National Incident Management System 700, 800
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations
  • OSHA 10 – Healthcare

Currently offered; subject to change


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