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CareerX is a Career Exploration and Employability Skills program for students with special needs. It is an entry-level transition high school program to assist students in making career choices.  The curriculum will cover Career Exploration and Employability Skills.  Each student will explore 5 career areas through a series of activities and demonstrate industry appropriate employability skills. The outcome of this series of activities for each student will be to narrow their interests, skills and aptitudes in order to move to their next transitional step toward competitive employment.   Upon completion of this program a student can enter into:

  • A one or two year career-technical program at Great Oaks
  • Project SEARCH
  • Competitive employment with referral to an adult agency (ORSC/DDS)
  • Referral to an adult agency

(Note: This is a high school program. For options for adults, click here.)


Essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in this program.

CareerX information Night schedule

In CareerX you will: 

  • Develop work-related problem solving skills
  • Explore career options through hands on activities
  • Investigate careers by completing activities related to a field you are interested in
  • Manage time and resources effectively
  • Demonstrate professional communication and employability skills through a simulated work environment
  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience by visiting and shadowing in career and technical labs at Great Oaks
  • Develop leadership and collaborative work skills in a simulated environment
  • Properly use and maintain tools, equipment, supplies and facilities in a professional manner
  • Use professional office communication techniques including telephone and email communication etiquette

CareerX Modules

The Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) is a series of five modules that include

  • Interest identification
  • Career exploration
  • Skills development
  • Workplace safety
  • Best practices
  • Job seeking skills
  • Portfolio development

Want to know more about the program? Email or call Donna J. Eakins, Director of Student Services, at eakinsd@greatoaks.com or 513.612.3608.

NOTE:  Parents of interested students must attend an information session.  


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