STNA certification for Mason High School students

STNA certification for Mason High School students

Thinking about a future in health care/medicine?

Earning your STNA can be an important first step.

Great Oaks Career Campuses Adult Workforce Development - Health Professions Academy

Many medical career paths require or encourage students to have hands-on experience in patient care.  This may include certification as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA).

Becoming an STNA can also qualify high schoolers to begin working in health care right away while preparing for college.

Mason High School students age 16 and older now have the chance to earn an STNA credential this summer through a free Great Oaks program.

In just a few weeks, students can qualify and take the STNA exam—and still have the rest of the summer free.

Learn to:

  • Assist physicians with medical procedures.
  • Take vital signs and learn pharmacology.
  • Understand body mechanics/safety.
  • Understand and use basic medical terminology and equipment.

Dates;  June 7-25
Time:  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location:  Scarlet Oaks Career Campus, 300 Scarlet Oaks Drive, Sharonville


Apply now!  Space is limited to 16 students.

This summer STNA program is only open to current Mason High School students.  Students must attend all sessions. Must be 16 or older.  Students may be required to take a physical examination and show immunization records prior to starting the program.  Mason High School personnel will make the final determination about who is eligible to attend.