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Precision Machining

College Credits

In this program you can earn college credit!

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Diamond Oaks:  Kevin Fox

Live Oaks:  Branden Osborne

Career Pathways

CNC operator
Manufacturing maintenance

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Available Certifications

ECSI (Emergency Care & Safety Institute) CPR/First Aid Certification
OSHA 10-hour card
National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS) Certification–Precision Machining
FANUC CNC Certification



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Related Information

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If a career that combines working with your hands, programming computerized machines, and application linkoperating complex equipment appeals to you, then check out the Precision Machining program.


  • Machine tool set-up and basic machining skills
  • Basic computer numerical control (CNC) and computer-assisted drafting (CAD).
  • Blueprint reading and interpretation of drawings and symbols.

(Note: This is a high school program. For options for adults, click here.)

Essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in this program

Great Oaks Precision Machining 2018
photo of students at Barnes Aerospace in West Chester

Scarlet Oaks and Diamond Oaks students from Welding and Precision Machining toured Barnes Aerospace recently. It’s awesome to realize that these students will graduate from high school with professional and technical skills to work in the aerospace industry (and many other high-tech industries!)