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Laurel Oaks:  John Cohmer, Eric Scully

Live Oaks: Sean Cohmer, Stephanie Hoeppner

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Career Pathways

Information security specialist
Cybersecurity analyst
Game designer
Applications developer
Systems engineer


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Available Certifications

Microsoft Office Specialist

CompTIA A+

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

CPR/AED/First Aid

Oracle Database Foundations Certified Junior Associate (Live Oaks)


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(This program combines elements of IT Systems and Cybersecurity with Web Applications and Game Development) 

Are computers your passion?  Join the IT Academy.  You’ll learn information technology fundamentals, web design, programming, networking and database administration.  Then choose your own path:  Study the emerging field of cybersecurity or dive deep into programming and game and application design.

Computer technician

Learn to: 

  • Install and configure software programs and provide support and training.
  • Install, operate and maintain computer systems.
  • Design, implement and troubleshoot network infrastructures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of IT project planning methodology.
  • Provide security for computer and network systems.

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Great Oaks Computer Service Technician and Networking 2019