Explore Our Programs

Explore our Programs

At Great Oaks we believe that each learner is a rare and unique individual.  Each deserves the best possible education and support to succeed in school.

We are committed to helping each learner acquire the academic and career-technical skills they will need to succeed in further education, on the job, and as participants in our economic system.

Career Programs

Certification and licensure provides Great Oaks students a competitive edge for employment. Many fields require this certification before students can work in the field. The advantage for our students is that they can prepare for the exam during high school, as our curriculum is aligned to industry standards.  There are some programs where students can become certified in more than one area. Great Oaks will pay the fee for the first industry-standard certification exam students take (one junior year and one senior year).  For more information about certification and licensure, please contact your teen's instructor.
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