Message from Andy McCool, Dean

Message from Andy McCool, Dean

(This information was originally given in a phone call on July 22)

Good Morning.  This is Andy McCool, Dean of Instruction at Live Oaks.

I want to share out the basic plan for this upcoming school year.  As we know, this is going to be a unique start to the school year and potentially things could change again depending on mandates from Governor DeWine.

As for the start of the school year, Great Oaks has decided on a plan to have a split schedule or A/B Schedule.  The goal was to find a way to make sure that our students are getting as much lab time as possible, yet keep them in a safe learning environment.  This plan will be in effect for at least the first quarter.  If the covid numbers drop and it looks like we can safely return to a normal school setting, then we will go back to our traditional school schedule beginning second quarter which is Oct. 19th.

A/B Schedule

  • A Schedule (All Level 1 Students): Attend school on Monday and Thursday (7:50am – 2:18pm).


  • B Schedule (All Level 2 Students): Attend school on Tuesday and Friday (7:50am – 2:18pm).


  • All Career X students will attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (7:50am – 2:18pm).

Level 1:  Those students that will be starting their first year in a program.

Level 2:  Those students who have already completed their level 1 program and will begin level 2.

All students will be in their lab setting in the morning and again in the afternoon.  We want to make sure students can get as much lab time as possible on this schedule.  Our academics will be a blended approach between an online class and the instructor’s own content.  When students are on campus, there will be time during the middle of the day where our academic instructors will be working with our students to assist with any academic issues.  Our academic instructors will also be meeting with students through scheduled Zoom meetings when they are not on campus.  Wednesday will be a remote learning day for all students where there will be scheduled zoom meetings for all classes.  If a student needs some extra help in a particular course, the student will be able to schedule time with the instructor and come to campus on Wednesday.

Due to that fact that we are on this unique schedule, this will impact those students who chose to do ½ days with us.  We will be reaching out to all students who have elected to do ½ day lab only with us to give them some options.

Our school year starts on Monday, August 17th.  On that day, all level 1 and Career X students will be on campus.  On Tuesday, August 18th, all level 2 and Career X students will be on campus.  We will continue to follow the A/B schedule mentioned earlier for the remainder of the first quarter unless Governor DeWine comes out with a mandate that impacts the Live Oaks campus.

I know this is a lot of information.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Finally, I am looking forward to meeting everyone in August.  Enjoy the rest of your day.