Letter from Kevin Abt, Laurel Oaks Dean of Instruction

Update on A/B schedule at Laurel Oaks

(This letter was sent to parents and guardians on July 24)

Dear parents/guardians;

As you saw from our earlier communications, all Great Oaks campuses will begin the year with a blended learning, or A/B, schedule.  Students will attend school on campus either Monday and Thursday (A group) or Tuesday and Friday (B group). Wednesdays will be used for one-on-one online meetings with instructors and other at-home learning.

At our campus, students in their first year will be in the A group; students in their second year at Great Oaks will be in the B group. This blended learning is expected to last through the first quarter of the school year.

Students will be working in their career lab for the entire school day when they are on campus.  Academic classes (English, mathematics, science, and social studies) will be held online.

The first day of school for first-year students is August 17. Returning students will attend on August 18.  After that, we’ll begin the A/B schedule.

All first-year students will be in the A group, attending Mondays and Thursdays.

All returning students will be in the B group, attending Tuesdays and Fridays.

CareerX students will attend Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

We take your child’s health and education very seriously.  This blended learning model allows us to provide the maximum amount of time possible in hands-on learning, while still maintaining safety through social distancing, masks, and frequent cleaning.

You can find more information on the back of this letter and at www.greatoaks.com/restart about how the blended learning schedule will work.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.

We’re excited about the start of the school year, and we’re glad you chose Great Oaks.


Kevin Abt
Dean of Instruction
Laurel Oaks Career Campus

Restart Your Future 2020:  More information

Making sure students and associates are safe and healthy inside the buildings:

We will follow guidelines established by local health departments, the state of Ohio, and the Ohio Department of Education.  That includes masks for all who are in the building, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning throughout the day. See more details at www.greatoaks.com/restart.

We ask that all students self-monitor their health and take their temperature daily at home before coming to school.  As always, students should stay home if they are ill.


Busing is provided by the home school.  Check with your assigned school district to learn more. Great Oaks inter-campus shuttles will continue to be provided where needed.

Breakfast and lunch:

Breakfast and lunch will be served in a way that minimizes students’ exposure to other students and enhance cleaning and safety protocols.

Minimizing groups of students in hallways and gathering places:

Students will remain in their labs throughout the day, so they will not be changing classrooms.  We are also looking at arrival and dismissal procedures to maximize social distancing and minimize exposure to other students.

If you don’t have reliable internet access at home:

Please notify your instructor or campus dean.  Great Oaks and/or partnering districts may have resources to help provide internet access where needed and available.

Additional support for students:

  • Academic teachers will meet with students in person on the days that students are on campus.
  • Each campus has a school nurse to assist with physical and health needs.
  • Check with your student’s counselor to learn more about individual social, emotional, and mental health support.
  • Please contact the instructor if you require instructional assistance.

Face coverings (masks):

  • All who come to Great Oaks campuses (students, staff, visitors) are required to wear face coverings/masks that cover nose and mouth especially when they may be within 6 feet of others.
  • Exceptions will be made in career labs in which a face covering is a violation of accepted industry safety standards.
  • Additional requirements may be set if specified by Ohio Public Health Advisory guidelines or other local or state mandates.
  • If there are special circumstances, please talk to your campus dean or Director of Student Services Nancy Mulvey at mulveyn@greatoaks.com.


For more information, see www.greatoaks.com/restart