Laurel Oaks EZPay for lunch accounts

Laurel Oaks EZPay

The EZpay system is now available for parents to check lunch account balances and add money to the account!

Use EZpay anytime, day or night, to make sure your son or daughter has lunch money available.

Go to EZpay now:

Laurel Oaks EZpay

How to register:

  1. Choose the link above for the campus your son or daughter attends.
  2. Enter a password and an email address (write it down in a safe place)
  3. Complete registration page (current information, please)
  4. Enter student ID number and last name (different last names are OK.  ID numbers can be obtained at your district.)
  5. Click  “Add Student to List”
  6. Click “Submit changes”
  7. This will take you back to the Log In page to use your password.

FAQ about EZpay