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Go Places

It's time to check out Great Oaks.


Great Oaks is where creativity and skill combine for high school success and life goals.


Go build something.

construction framing and finishing student with circular saw

Great Oaks is for those who know that beautiful homes don't just happen. They're the result of skills and talent. 

Construction Framing and Finishing     Construction Technologies


Go get creative.

Great Oaks is for those who want to program complex machine to create the parts and products that make a difference or for those who those who can imagine a car that looks and runs as good as new—or better than new.

Automotive Refinishing & Collision Repair    CNC Advanced Manufacturing Technologies



Go riding.

Get hands on experience training horses, learn about tack tools and maintenance, and proper stable management. Prepare for a career after high school, now.

Equine Science and Management



Go into the medical field. 

Surgical technician students wearing scrubs

By the time they finish high school, these students will be ready to change the world.  They’re preparing for careers in health care. Health technology…vision care…patient care…sports medicine…they’ll have the skills, knowledge, and professional certification to make a difference in people’s lives right away.

They’re going to change the world.  You can, too.

Health Technology



Be successful.

Student at digital art board

Are you ready for a different kind of high school experience? Be ready for a career and college—give yourself options!

If you're interested in any of our other programs visit hs.greatoaks.com to learn more.

Apply now. Go places!





Great Oaks offers hands-on learning in high-tech labs that lead to careers with meaning.

  • Experience. Learn, practice and do what you’ll be doing in a future career.
  • Contacts. Meet and network with industry professionals.
  • Internships. Real-life work experiences help you discover if this is the career for you.
  • Credentials. Earn professional credentials to give you a head start.
  • Confidence. Know that you’re preparing for the career you want.
  • Connections. Work with, and spend time with, other students with the same interests.
  • Purpose. Choose and get ready for a meaningful career.

This is the future. This is your future.

Still not sure?
Listen to what these students have to say:

Need more information?
Contact one our career specialists:

Diamond Oaks:  
Laura Domet 

Laurel Oaks:  
Bill Davis 

Live Oaks:
Jen Wilson 

Scarlet Oaks:  
Anne Toohey

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