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How do I apply

Group of students at Diamond Oaks Career Campus

When should I apply?
Applications are available in November for the coming school year. Applications are reviewed and students placed into programs beginning in early February. Some programs fill quickly, so it's best to make sure your application is in before then.

Why do I have to select two programs on my application?
You have an opportunity to select two programs of choice. If your first choice is full but your second choice is open, you will be placed in your second choice and put on a waiting list for your first choice. If an opening occurs in your first choice and you are the next person on the list, you will be notified of the change. Changes can be made through the first nine days of the school year. Most students who qualify get into their program of choice by that time. If you are only interested in one particular program and a second choice is not indicated, your application will be processed accordingly.

Is there an application fee?

How does placement into programs occur?
Programs often fill quickly and it is important to apply early. As programs fill, your past grades become very important. Therefore, all students should be striving for as high a G.P.A. as possible during their 9th and 10th grade years!

Click here for more information about Great Oaks' program acceptance procedures.

How will I know if I'm accepted into a program?
As soon as your application is processed, you will receive a letter from Great Oaks letting you know the status of your application. In addition, most career technical instructors contact their students prior to the start of school to answer any specific questions.

Can I attend half-day?
Some affiliate schools allow students to take their career lab with us and return to the high school for their academic classes. Check with your home school counselor to see if this is an option for you.

How will I get the academic credits needed to graduate?
At Great Oaks, you can earn 2 credits in each subject area of math, English, science and social studies during your junior and senior years.

How do I get additional information?
Your home school guidance counselors are fully aware of our programs and have many of the answers to your questions. If you have other specific questions or would like to visit the school, call a career specialist at one of the campuses. They will be happy to make an appointment with you for a personalized tour.

Other questions?
Still need more information about how to apply? Talk to your home school counselor or e-mail or call the Career Specialist at the campus you are interested in attending:
Diamond Oaks - Laura Domet (dometl@greatoaks.com)  513.612.7006

Laurel Oaks - Bill Davis (davisw@greatoaks.com) 800.752.5480

Live Oaks - Jen Frith (frithj@greatoaks.com) 513.612.4914

Scarlet Oaks - Abby Flaherty (flahertya@greatoaks.com) 513.612.5794