Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses

Information Technology

  • Available at middle school and high school level
  • MS focuses on skills in software applications
  • HS explores four strands from itWorks Ohio: Information Support Services, Interactive Media, Network Systems and Programming & Software Development


Technology Education

  • Available at middle school and high school level
  • Provides students with experiences in engineering, automotive, construction and communication technologies
  • Features modular instruction


Gateway to Technology

The Gateway To Technology® (GTT) cutting-edge program addresses the interest and energy of middle school students, while incorporating national standards in mathematics, science, and technologyGTT is “activity oriented” to show students how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems in units of study. There are currently five instructional units that excite and motivate students to use their imaginations and teach them to be creative and innovative, while gaining the skills they need to develop, produce, and use products and services.


The GTT curriculum provides project-based learning—a hands-on approach--that is exciting and fun for the full-range of students in today’s grade 6 – 8 classrooms and that relates technology to students’ daily lives. It also promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a teaming approach in the instructional units. This approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of the project, while offering students learning challenges at all ability levels.


The mathematics, science, and technology integrated GTT program helps students develop and hone skills in middle school that enable them to enter the high school program with foundation knowledge and skills for success in pre-engineering. Although not intended as an introduction to the Project Lead The Way® pre-engineering high school program, many schools report improved interest in the high school program because of GTT.