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Testing and Assessments

Tests and assessments are a fact of life at all schools.  At Great Oaks; they're used to help make sure you're successful throughout your time here and are prepared for a career and college.  The tests and assessments help Great Oaks get to know you and what you need, help you learn, shape teaching to fit you, prepare you for the world of work, and celebrate your progress.

We ask:

Who are you?

When you come to Great Oaks, we need to get to know you and where you are in your education.  These are called diagnostic assessments.

What do you know before you start each unit?

At the start of a class or section, you'll have a variety of tests and activities.  You'll also have feedback, practice, quizzes and assignments that help you and your teacher measure your progress.  These are formative assessments.

What have you learned here?

As you're learning, and at the end of a grading period, you'll have other tests, semester exams, or skill demonstrations.  This shows what you've learned.  These are summative assessments.

Are you ready for the next level?

End-of-course exams, licensing tests, industry credentials, and other tests show that you're ready for the next step--whether that's college or a career.

And, of course, quality sleep is important before tests.