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Closings and Delays

Inclement weather information for high school students and parents

When snow or other conditions affect southwest Ohio, Great Oaks campuses may delay the start of the school day or switch to blended learning, in which students would learn from home online or through prepared lessons for the day.

Using blended learning allows students to continue learning even when weather conditions interfere. 

We wait to see what a majority of our partner school districts do before making a decision about blended learning or delays, so sometimes the announcement from Great Oaks comes late.  But here’s some advice:

If your home school district is on a delay, follow that delay.  Transportation to Great Oaks will be delayed as well.

If your home school district closes for the day due to weather conditions, plan to stay home and work on blended learning for the day.  If, in a rare instance, your home school district closes but your Great Oaks campus remains open for students, you would not be expected to report to your Great Oaks campus that day.

We always hope for good weather throughout the winter, but if bad weather hits, our announcements are made through automated telephone calls, radio and tv, and on the front page of our website and on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/greatoaksreallife).

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