Scarlet Writer

Scarlet Writer

A look at life at Scarlet Oaks and beyond through the eyes of students in
Ms. Libbee’s College Credit Plus English class.

Avoiding the Hidden Enemy

By Hope Striker, Dental Assisting senior I sway through the wind in hope that you’ll breathe me in I’ll rest upon your lungs and the bad is quick to begin I’ll strike you in the throat, irritating you until it hurts You’ll walk with weakness and vomit at no alert Wear your mask or it...

Senior Year

By Josiane Umutoni The average teen spends approximately one thousand and five hundred dollars on prom night. In many big Hollywood movies, we are given the impression that prom is supposed to be a magical and life-changing experience, filled with love, friendship, good music, and unforgettable moments. According to most people, prom is the time...

Days Before March 13, 2019

By Josiane Umutoni, senior Health Technology student   I miss complaining about the 4 o’clock highway traffic. I miss complaining about the crowded hallways. The highways lie naked. The hallways are quiet.   We keep indoors. When we dare stray out We are cautious. Our friends and neighbors smile, but there is sadness in their...

Josiane Umutoni – Six Word Memoir


By: Anthony Sexton   Scarlet, a home away from home. Scarlet, a place to call your own. Scarlet, Where you meet family. Scarlet, where people make history. Scarlet, where education meets career. Scarlet, where there is no place for fear. Scarlet, kids rushing through the halls. Scarlet, they bounce like ping pong balls. Scarlet, where...

Alumni: Dominique Turner

Jhony’a Barber, Health Tech Senior Dominique (nee Barber) Turner, North College Hill, attended Scarlet Oaks from 2007 until 2009. Enrolling in the career program Digital Television and Radio, (no longer offered), she knew that she was set for success. Turner began to take CCP classes her senior year of high school.  Taking CCP Physiology and...

Dean Dan Rush: The Covid Interview

Interviewed by: Maddi Anderson, Construction Finishing & Framing Technology   “In my twelve years of being a dean; this year has been the most challenging,” said Scarlet Oaks Dean Dan Rush. The biggest obstacle he faces during remote/hybrid learning caused by Covid is constantly trying to satisfy everyone as in parents, students, staff, and the...

Handcuffing at Scarlet Oaks

by Melissa Mendoza and Perla Flores

A Conversation on Home School vs. Career Tech

Podcast featuring Alex Ingram, Kevin Lynn, Dillon McDonough, and Torin Reid. Edited by Dillon McDonough.

Lauren Early, Surgical Technology, Six Word Memoir

Lauren Early, Surgical Technology, Six Word Memoir

Torin Reid, Web App, Six Word Memoir

Alex Ingram, Web Apps, Six Word Memoir

Activism at Scarlet Oaks Career Campus: Recognizing Human Trafficking in the Cosmetology Industry

Writer: Brooklyn Whittington, Cosmetology The state of Ohio, unfortunately, is a state where human trafficking exists on a large scale. In addition to that, human trafficking happens frequently in the cosmetology industry.  As a senior in the Scarlet Oaks Cosmetology program, we are taught to identify the signs of human trafficking. Our instructor, Mrs. Danielle Davis,...

Future Plans of a High School Engineering Student

Engineering, Technology, & Robotics student sets his sights on a life at sea after graduation. Student Writer: Joe Zubelik, Engineering, Technology & Robotic After graduating from the Engineering, Technology and Robotics (ETR) program at Scarlet Oaks this May, I plan on attending Maine Maritime Academy located in Castine, Maine to earn a Third-Class Engine license....

Are you an agent of change? A six word memoir by Jeriah Logan, Web Apps

Jeriah Logan, Web Apps, Six word memoir illustrated by Ryleigh Harris, DAAD.
Traditional Stereotypes Dispelled

Traditional Stereotypes Dispelled

Student Writer: Tommy Rose Burkhart, Law Enforcement I always assumed my grandpa wished I had been born a boy. The fact is, when you live in an area and have a career where success is largely determined by your ability to provide and maintain nearly insurmountable feats of physical labor, you typically prefer a person...
Pet Parade, Pet Craze!

Pet Parade, Pet Craze!

How would you celebrate Halloween in a Veterinary Assisting class?  With a pet parade! Writer: Anthony Sexton, Veterinary Assisting Program How much do you love Animals? Well, dear communities, you’re going to love this! This past Fall, the Scarlet Oaks Veterinary Assisting Program planned and hosted a “Halloween Pet Parade.” We...