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Ennio Braida
Instructor, Automotive Service Technician

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About me:
I am a graduate of a career technical school, and have worked as an automotive machinist, auto mechanic, service writer, service manager, field engineer for Champion Sparkplug Co. in charge of product assurance and field training for regions 4 & 5, participated in development of NAPA's tech training courses with Detroit Art Works, dealer technician, and training instructor at the General Motors training center in Cleveland.

I have been an instructor for hybrid vehicles, military and hybrid first responders at Macomb Community College & Denso USA Troy Michigan. Developed classes in renewable & alternative energy and Diesel for Ivy Tech Northeast, Fort Wayne Indiana.

I have been in the industry for 30 years.  Beginning in 1991 I taught and worked in the field; of those, fifteen years were at the college and post secondary level. I have taught for 29 years, exclusively after 2001.

What I love about teaching is helping the next generation to bypass the mistakes of those who came before them.

The best part of my classroom is bringing the component to the student so they can experience the technology. I believe that when you combine experience with learning the result is wisdom.

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