Safe schools parent letter

About our safe school education plan:


Dear Student and Parents:

Great Oaks/Scarlet Oaks and Sharonville Police Department have partnered to expand educational opportunities and enhance the safety and security of the learning environment for all students and staff.  We are very fortunate to have Officer Jim Salyer as our School Resource Officer.  Officer Salyer has been with Sharonville Police Department for over 15 years.  Listed below are some of the activities that are included in our safe school educational plan:

  • K9 Unit demonstrations presented by Sharonville Police Department.
  • Presentations at staff meetings by Officer Salyer.
  • Classroom presentations by Officer Salyer.
  • Random Police K9 Unit Search for weapons and drugs.

The K9 Searches will be conducted by Sharonville Police Department. These searches will be done randomly throughout the school year with the goal of providing a safe learning environment.  If any drugs or weapons are found, violators will receive school disciplinary action that may include suspension or expulsion from Great Oaks.  In addition, the violators may also be charged as provided by the Ohio Revised Code.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the Speak Up, Save Lives Hotline 1-844-SaferOH. Use the helpline to report threats of violence, suicide, and illegal activity that could harm children in our school.  Your call is private, confidential and anonymous.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working together to provide a safe and drug free learning environment so our students can achieve their educational goals. If you need additional information you may contact Mr. Dan Rush, Dean of Instruction, at (513) 612-5701 or Officer Jim Salyer, School Resource Officer, at (513) 612-5713.


Dan Rush
Dean of Instruction