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The future of Live Oaks

Live Oaks Renovation and Construction UpdatE

Opened in the early 1970s, the Live Oaks Career Campus serves Clermont County and the eastern portion of the Great Oaks school district.

Starting in 2021, the campus will be renovated, updated, and made ready for the community’s career-technical education needs of the future.

The first phase of improvements includes a nearly 200,000 SF interior renovation and a new 7,500 SF entry addition with site improvements and an exterior refresh.

Exterior Architectural Renderings

A new entry plaza provides a sense of arrival and identity that is a beacon from all sides of the site. It provides light into the interior of the building.

New Live Oaks Entrance
New Live Oaks Entrance
New Live Oaks building



The new entrance is welcoming and at the same time more secure, with administrative offices immediately inside.


• A new circular drive provides better parking and traffic flow.
• A second entrance to the campus, one at Rt. 28, will be created.
• Academic classes will be clustered on the second floor.
• Similar career labs can be located adjacent to each other for future academy planning.
• New classrooms will be developed from currently under-used space.
• The building is designed for future growth as new programs are added.

Interior Architectural Renderings


New Live Oaks lobby
New Live Oaks Ramp
New Live Oaks entry way
New Live Oaks hallways


An open commons area, grand staircase, and breakout rooms off the main core provide opportunities for students to gather and collaborate.