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Lunch Menu at Laurel Oaks

Lunch Menu - Laurel Oaks

Did You Know…

You can purchase a hot or cold breakfast meal every morning?
Stop by the cafeteria and jump start your day!
Student Breakfast $1.25
Breakfast - Meat and Alternate Entrees $1.10
Grab & Go Lunch (Qualifies as Type A Lunch) $2.90
Lunch - Meat and Alternate Entrees $2.30
Milk (All Flavors) $0.50
Veggie Sides - Hot & Cold $0.85
Fruit Sides $0.85
Grain $0.85
A La Carte
Large Drink $1.75
Medium Drink $1.25
Small Drink $1.00
Water $1.00
Chips $1.00
Fruit/Cereal Bars $1.10
Fruit Snacks $0.55
Pudding/Yogurt Parfaits $1.15
Fresh Baked Items $1.00
Other Items Individually Priced