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Rusty Frommling
Instructor, Heavy Equipment Operations & Engineering

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About me:
2020 starts my fourth year as a Heavy Equipment Instructor. Prior to coming to Great Oaks I owned and operated Complete Site Services LLC for 14 years. I started my business in residential and small commercial excavation. 2006 shifted the business to larger commercial work, including dirt work, underground utilities, concrete construction, trucking, and demolition. Keeping every aspect of site construction in house. With the economy turn in 2009. We shifted our business to transmission pipeline work. I performed a large variety of operations in multiple states for the pipeline industry.

What I love about teaching is giving back to the younger generation. Hearing the negative opinion of today's youth, I felt I had a great opportunity to create real change in the direction of young students' lives.

I appreciate our dig site and being in lab learning how the equipment works and using it effectively.

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