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Joshua Wolfe
Instructor, Welding

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About me:
I graduated in 1999 from the Welding and Fabrication program at Warren County Career Center.  I got my start in industry at a small fabrication company in Lebanon, Ohio straight out of high school and worked at a few different fab shops after that. At 20 years old, I was hired on as a TIG welder at GE Aviation.  I worked in the aerospace industry for 4 years, then left to start a steel construction company.  I ran and operated a steel construction business from 2005 to present. In 2013, I became the off-shift manager at Standard Aero in Hillsboro. Later the same year, I took a position as the Welding Instructor for Laurel Oaks.

I have been in the welding trade for 22 years and am still currently active in business and industry

This is my 8th year of teaching at Laurel Oaks.

Teaching is by far one of the most rewarding positions I have held in my career. I love the fact that I get to share my passion for this trade with my students and teach them the skills needed to be successful in the trade that has been nothing short of a blessing for me and my family.

The best part about the Welding program at Laurel Oaks is that we are very hands-on and spend most of our time in lab replicating real-world scenarios and doing projects that better prepare student for the workforce.


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