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Jessica Day
Instructor, Cosmetology

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About me:
I am a Laurel Oaks alum. I graduated from the cosmetology program in 2010. I always loved being at the Oaks and would come back often to see my instructor Mrs. Neu. I started working in a salon right after high school and then earned my advanced cosmetology license. I then took my test to be a cosmetology instructor and began subbing for the cosmetology program at Laurel Oaks as needed. From there I started Bowling Green classes for career tech teaching and became the Laurel Oaks Cosmetology Instructor. I love the Great Oaks environment and love that students get to learn hands-on material and leave with a Cosmetology License when they complete the program.

What I love about teaching is being able to teach what I am most passionate about! To teach what I love to do is a dream.

The best part of my classroom is being able to help students find their career pathway and really dig into their creative side.


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