Laurel Oaks Policies and Information

Laurel Oaks Policies and Information

Welcome from the Deans

We would like to welcome all students and parents to Laurel Oaks Career Campus. We work with our heads and our hands, so attendance is vitally important. Students who maintain 95% attendance or better have a much better chance of completing their program competencies and gaining employment.

Students follow the Laurel Oaks School Calendar which may be different than your local school district calendar.

Our greatest desire is to make sure Laurel Oaks students succeed and that they are prepared for a wide range of opportunities—both those that exist now and those that will exist in the future.  We strive to challenge students with high expectations, offer an education that has real-world relevance, teach skills for the future, and instill the desire to keep learning throughout life.

We encourage you to stay in contact with us and with your child’s teachers throughout the coming year.

 Mr. Kevin Abt, Laurel Oaks Dean of Instruction    937-655-5402

Ms. Shannon McGowan, Laurel Oaks Assistant Dean  937-655-5413

Ms. Shea Havens-White, Laurel Oaks Assistant Dean 937-655-5403

Code of Conduct for Students

At Great Oaks, all teachers and staff work together to ensure your success--in the classroom, in the lab, and in life.

A safe and comfortable environment is essential for all students to be successful.  We work to provide the proper setting for our students.  This includes expectations that students will treat themselves, each other, the staff, and the facilities with respect and dignity.

We are proud of our students and their efforts to maintain a safe and comfortable school environment.  All who attend here agree to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

The Student Code of Conduct is attached here, along with the complete Student Handbook.

Laurel Oaks Career Campus Professional Expectations 

Professional Expectations 2020-2021

Laurel Oaks is dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience in a safe learning environment.  Our focus is to prepare students to be successful for the future so the following expectations have been established.  Instructors may have other expectations not listed here and this is a brief overview. The complete student code of conduct is on your laptop.


  • Students must follow the Laurel Oaks calendar – NOT their affiliate school calendar.
  • Students are expected to be present during the entire school day – 8:30 am – 2:54 pm
  • Parents are to report an absence by 9:00 am by calling 937-382-1411
  • Should more than 10 absences occur, a doctor note or court note is required for the absence to be excused.
  • Consequences may be given for excessive tardies and/or unexcused absences.
  • Instructors may require missed hours to be made up. Work missed from an unexcused absence may receive a penalty or not be graded.


Students, regardless of age, can only leave school grounds with permission from a parent/guardian. Students may not leave the campus and return without documentation of an appointment. Students may not leave for lunch.


Devices are permitted before school, after school, between classes and during lunch. Students are not to use electronic devices in the classroom without permission from the instructor. Students are not to access social networking sites, download games or save music on school laptops.


All students are required to have their school ID and present it to any staff member upon request. School IDs are required throughout the school day (Cafeteria, Cybrary, IT Help Desk, and Placement). Replacement IDs are available in the Cybrary.


Students must follow the uniform guidelines for their lab.  Professional dress outside of lab is also a Laurel Oaks expectation.  Instructors may have more specific expectations in class.

  • Pants, jeans and capris must be worn at the waistline. Shorts are not permitted.
  • Skirts are to be worn no more than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • Leggings and yoga pants of any kind must accompany a top that covers the buttocks.
  • All shirts, blouses and dresses must have sleeves.
  • Undergarments cannot be exposed.  All clothing must be in good repair with no excessive rips or holes.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted unless a documented medical reason requires their use.
  • Pajamas and slippers are not permitted.
  • Clothing or jewelry displaying words or pictures that represent alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, vulgarity or a topic that would be inflammatory or offensive is not permitted.


Pocket knives are considered weapons and should not be brought to school. Any knife or “knife-like” objects used in lab must remain in lab.


Tobacco is not permitted on school grounds or during a school event. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, dip, snuff, electronic smoking devices, vapor pens, etc.


Are not professional in any school or work setting.


  • Students must obtain and display a parking pass in their vehicle at all times.
  • If you change vehicles, notify the office to transfer the parking pass to the new vehicle.
  • Students are to drive slowly and safely on school grounds (15 mph).
  • Burn outs, tire spinning and black smoking is prohibited on school property.
  • All cars are to face the bus loop and be parked within one parking space.
  • Only students with perfect attendance or 4.0 honor roll may park in the first two rows (special parking permit required)
  • Students should lock vehicles and enter the building immediately after parking.
  • Students are not to be in the parking lot during the school day without administrator permission.
  • Students are not to move their vehicles during the school day without administrator permission.
  • After school, vehicles will be dismissed by row and vehicles should not move until directed.
  • Students are not to enter the parent parking line to exit.