Research Project Help

Research Project Help

Created by Tom March

  • Find a topic.
  • Create a good thesis statement.
  • Generate an outline.

These state-funded resources are free to Ohio K-12 students and teachers. See the cybrarian for the username and password.

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Guides you through the research process step by step. The icon is found on the Home page in the lower left-hand corner.

From the Home page click on Core Collection. The following resources are great places to start searching for information:



Articles from more than 6,000 magazines and newspapers are indexed, most in full text, from children's magazines to professional research journals. Create a free account to save your results or email the article to yourself. Includes proper citation formats.


points of view reference center

Presents articles supporting multiple sides of current issues from which students can develop persuasive arguments and essays while developing analytical thinking skills.



A good place to start instead of Wikipedia. This resource includes encyclopedia articles, multi-media, primary sources and compatible websites, fully integrated in a single search.

Searches 35,000 websites that have been evaluated and approved by research experts, librarians and teachers.

This popular search engine is a crawler which means it looks for key words anywhere on the site. Websites with the most returns are the first ones listed. Be sure and evaluate each site before using the information by giving it the CRAP test: Is the site Current, Reliable, Authoritative? What is its Purpose or Point of View?


Although Wikipedia is approaching 98% accuracy, most teachers will not accept information from this site as a legitimate resource. There is, however, one appropriate way to use Wikipedia for your research project. Scroll down to the references cited after the article. These are the original links to the information and you may find these useful for your research.