Diamond Oaks Policies/Information

Diamond Oaks Campus Policies & Information

Code of Conduct for Students

At Great Oaks, all teachers and staff work together to ensure your success--in the classroom, in the lab, and in life.

A safe and comfortable environment is essential for all students to be successful.  We work to provide the proper setting for our students.  This includes expectations that students will treat themselves, each other, the staff, and the facilities with respect and dignity.

We are proud of our students and their efforts to maintain a safe and comfortable school environment.  All who attend here agree to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

The Student Code of Conduct is attached here, along with the complete Student Handbook.

Student Expectations 2021-2022

Diamond Oaks is dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience, as well as a safe learning environment for students.  In order to provide the best environment for learning, the following key items need to be adhered to by all students.


The purpose of our dress code is to prepare students for their chosen career field. All programs have a dress code that is based on industry standards. The uniform for each lab is provided in a separate school uniform document. Students are expected to be in their career lab uniforms every day for the entirety of the school day. The school will have a few “Dress Down” days throughout the school year. You will be notified in advance of these days. Students must observe the following dress code rules and regulations.

·  Pants should not have rips/tears that expose the leg and must be worn at the waistline, so undergarments are not exposed.

·  Clothes must not be too tight or grossly oversized as to cause a distraction. Long shirts should be worn over leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants.

·  Shorts, capris, and pajama bottoms are not permitted.

·  Skirts must be within 4” of the bend of the knee.

·  Muscle shirts, tank tops, camisoles, crop tops, halter tops, or any other thin strapped tops/dresses are not permitted.  Clothing cannot expose cleavage, the midriff, bareback, shoulders, or undergarments.

·  Clothing or jewelry displaying words or pictures that represent alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, vulgarity, or a topic that would be inflammatory or offensive is not permitted (i.e. confederate symbols, swastikas, or other hate symbols).

·  Sunglasses, hats, scarves, hoods, or all other head coverings are not permitted. Headbands cannot be more than 2 inches in width.

·  Shoes must be worn at all times. No slippers, slides or house shoes allowed.

·  No blanket or pillows.


Diamond Oaks has a set tardy to school policy. School tardies (tardies to the student’s 1st assigned class for the day) are tracked on a quarterly basis and will reset at the start of each quarter. All unexcused tardies (i.e. no doctor note, court note, etc.) will follow the following course of action each quarter.

1st - 3rd tardy:  Warning
4th - 5th tardy: Lunch detention
6th - 7th tardy: 1 hour after-school detention
8th – 9th tardy: 2 hour after-school detention
10th tardy: Referral to administration


Students will need to have their ID badges with them at all times, as ID’s are needed when checking out books from the Cybrary, borrowing loaner Chromebook, for use of the copy machines/printers, and for use in the cafeteria when you are purchasing your breakfast and lunch.


Students must have one of the instructor’s hall passes or a paper pass if they are in the hallway during class time. One student per pass. No hall passes permitted after 2:10.


Cell phones and/or other personal electronic devices are NOT to be used in the classrooms/labs during instructional times without instructor permission. They may be used in the cafeteria during your lunch and before or after school. Chromebooks and other electronic devices can only be used as media players when headphones are used and as long as the instructor has given prior approval. At no time should music be played in the classroom/lab, during lunch or in the hallways without headphones.


Chromebooks issued to the students are district property. The student is responsible for the care of his/her Chromebook and charger. Any software installed by the district must remain on the Chromebook. Students are prohibited from tampering with district-installed software/hardware or installing/downloading other software on the Chromebook. Students are also prohibited from visiting inappropriate websites.


Students are not permitted to leave school grounds for lunch or to have lunch delivered to school. All trash needs to be placed in a trash receptacles. Throwing of food, unnecessary messes, disruptions, etc. will result in consequences.


Vandalism and/or destruction of school property, including, but not limited to Chromebooks (no stickers) and classroom/lab materials will not be tolerated. If it should occur the student will face administrative action and possibly criminal charges.


Students should not use profane, vulgar, abusive and obscene language or gestures while at school. If it should occur, it can result in staff and/or administrative discipline as warranted.


A student shall not harass, bully, intimidate, degrade, disgrace, disparage, incite, provoke, threaten, or discriminate against any other student or school employee or any other person or otherwise disrupt the school environment. A student shall not commit dating violence.  If you are a victim or witness to such acts, it is critical to report the incident to school personnel as soon as possible.


Hate-related symbols are prohibited on school grounds. This includes, but is not limited to confederate symbols and swastikas.