Counseling Services

Diamond Oaks is now partnering with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati to provide on-campus mental health services for those students who can benefit from mental health counseling. Depression and other mental health issues are a serious problem for some teenagers.  While not all students suffer from significant mental health issues this service offers a private support for those who need it.

A therapist with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati will provide counseling at Diamond Oaks. The therapist is a licensed professional counselor and social worker. Her experiences include behavioral, grief, family and individual therapy. The cost of the therapy visits is through insurance, Medicaid, or private pay options.

This service is optional.  In some cases, a Diamond Oaks counselor may contact parents to discuss the potential benefits of counseling, or students and parents may request an appointment with the therapist.  To find out more about these services please contact your child’s counselor, Mrs. Kim Freeman or Mr. Bruce Morgan at 513-574-1300.

For more information about The Children's Home of Cincinnati: