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Sandra Ramey

About me:

After I graduated from the Great Oaks Commercial Art program in 1981, I went on to complete a 4-year degree at the University of Alabama in Advertising and Communications. This led me to work in the printing and prepress industry, which I greatly enjoyed. I was driven to be successful so I sometimes held two jobs so I could continue my education at the graduate level. During this time, I worked with many prestigious accounts such as P & G and Jergens. These accounts led to collaborations with advertising agencies from all over greater Cincinnati. It was while I was managing a prepress department that my former Diamond Oaks teacher approached me and said that another teacher was retiring and that I might be a good candidate to teach…and that is where the teaching chapter began!

I worked in the industry for eight years, and have been teaching for 26 years.

What I love about teaching is making a positive difference in the lives of others. I enjoy seeing students rise past their fears and self-doubt to be able to create something that they never dreamed that they would have the ability to do. I tell them that their success is our success! The best part of my classroom is the opportunity to be creative and to learn the latest in new technology. Sometimes I teach the students and sometimes they teach me! I appreciate learning and growing alongside them everyday.

My motto is “Never stop learning!”

Instructor, Digital Arts and Design

Reach me at rameys@greatoaks.com or 513.612.7048

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/diamondoakscareercampus

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