Build your future at Great Oaks

Construction Programs: Why Great Oaks?

​Build your future at Great Oaks.

Do work that lasts!

​The construction field continues to grow. New commercial construction, residential remodeling, and new subdivisions in the Cincinnati area mean that skilled workers will continue to be needed.

Gain the skills and certifications you need to start a career in commercial/residential electricity, masonry, construction framing and finishing, heavy equipment operations, and HVAC.  By the time you finish high school, you can be ready to use your hands and mind to build structures that last a lifetime.

(NOTE:  The programs below are for high school juniors and seniors.  For adult programs, click here.​)


Commercial/Residential Electricity

Commercial and Residential ElectricityIf you like to work with your hands and tools, and want to make sure things work properly (or can troubleshoot when they don’t), consider the Commercial and Residential Electricity program.  You’ll not only work with wiring and equipment; you’ll also learn the most up-to-date motor controls and programmable logic controllers.​

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Construction Framing and Finishing

Does your idea of the perfect career mean seeing the results of your work at the end of the day?  Do you want to use your hands to create structures that will last for many years?  Do you have a good eye for detail?  Find what you want with Construction Framing and Finishing Technologies.​

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Construction Technologies

A well-built building is the result of skilled professionals in construction, plumbing, and electricity.  When you gain experience in all of these fields, you'll be ready for a wide range of in-demand careers in the construction industry.  You'll have the chance to master a wide range of hand tools and power tools, read blueprints and plans, and be part of a skilled team.

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Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program teaches a wide range of skills.  If you’re mechanically-minded and enjoy working with motors, equipment, and electricity, want to learn to work with sheet metal, and can solve mechanical problems, look into the HVAC program.​

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​Heavy Equipment Operations and Engineering

Great buildings, parks, neighborhoods, roads and homes depend on a properly Heavy Equipment Operations and Engineeringprepared site.  Heavy Equipment Operations and Engineering will teach you to use and maintain a wide range of equipment—and to understand why and how to create landscapes that will support great structures.


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A steady hand, good eye, and mechanical interest will help you to be successful in the Welding program.  This program will help provide
the skills and certification you need.

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