Senior Year

By Josiane Umutoni

The average teen spends approximately one thousand and five hundred dollars on prom night. In many big Hollywood movies, we are given the impression that prom is supposed to be a magical and life-changing experience, filled with love, friendship, good music, and unforgettable moments. According to most people, prom is the time for girls to enter into womanhood other than Sweet 16s and Quincenearas.

I have never really cared about prom during all four years of my high school years. To be honest, I always rolled my eyes at nearly every single seemingly iconic high school event such as pep rallies, the homecoming football games, and to me,  prom was no exception. But when I heard that because of Covid-19 it too like so many other school events was getting canceled I was a little bit hurt. As much as it is about earning a diploma, getting into colleges or a job, and moving on, senior year is also about dressing up, partying, and celebrating the end of a fun and exhausting 12-year adventure with our friends and family

When we got shut down back in March of 2020, we thought we were only staying home for three weeks. Little did we know, instead of only losing a quarter like the class of 2020, the graduating class of 2021 will be losing a whole year. Technically the school was open from the very beginning of the school year, but with masks, social distancing, and rules that the school put in place to keep us safe from the virus, the experience just isn’t the same. I and so many other seniors go to school almost every day and try to appreciate it because this is our last year, but it doesn’t even feel like senior year. This year feels more like junior year. Junior year is the year where students are no longer considered “Fresh Meat”; they are not new to the school, but not quite accomplished. During junior year students start visiting colleges and seeing their senior friends get stressed out about colleges and making the best of their last year.

The only thing that the class of 2021 will be getting is senioritis. With a lot of people taking their classes online, it’s hard to enjoy senior year when you can’t even see half of your class. COVID-19 has taken everything and left us with literally nothing.  I wasn’t even thinking of going to prom, but because of the virus, going isn’t even a choice anymore.

It’s a little mind-blowing that we have less than two months left until graduation. I’m starting to realize that in just a few months I’m going to have to say goodbye to most of my friends and my teachers. This year is going so slow and yet so fast. In the last few months, the days seemed longer with due dates after due dates and I just wanted to get it over with and just graduate already. But lately, the year seems to be running by so fast that there isn’t any time to savor the little moments.

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