Days Before March 13, 2019

By Josiane Umutoni, senior Health Technology student


I miss complaining about the 4 o’clock highway traffic.

I miss complaining about the crowded hallways.

The highways lie naked.

The hallways are quiet.


We keep indoors.

When we dare stray out

We are cautious. Our friends and neighbors smile,

but there is sadness in their eyes.

The prospect of being shut up in our own discrete spaces can be lonely.

Planned events meant to bring us together getting canceled one after another doesn’t help either.


Who knew that March 13, 2019 was going to be the last normal day.

The day when virtual learning and zoom meeting wasn’t a thing.

The day when masks weren’t a requirement to enter places.


2020 was the most onerous that we’ve ever faced.

It was naive of us to think that it was going to end on December 31.

Two months into 2021, social distance, masks and zoom are still the new normal.

Most of us thought that by the time 2021 hits, our ordinary fingers will go back to being just that but instead, they are still vectors of disease.


Days Before March 13 feels as if they happened ten, no, twenty years ago.

I miss the days before March 13.

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