Avoiding the Hidden Enemy

By Hope Striker, Dental Assisting senior

I sway through the wind in hope that you’ll breathe me in
I’ll rest upon your lungs and the bad is quick to begin
I’ll strike you in the throat, irritating you until it hurts
You’ll walk with weakness and vomit at no alert
Wear your mask or it could get worse
For I will spread and be more likely to disperse
No matter the age, no matter the health
You can be next, and so can someone else
I advise hand sanitizer and staying six feet away
Follow these directions and the good shall outweigh
I do have other enemies, Moderna and BionTech
These vaccines were made to prepare and protect
Soon I will be prevented and slowly destroyed
Get your vaccine and me you can avoid
As the days go by, the death rate finally begins to drop
Schools begin to open and I’ll eventually be put to a stop
After all the struggles, there will be less fear
Life can go back to normal and we can have a tremendous year

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