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Sustainable Urban Agriculture

College Credits

In this program you can earn college credit!

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Diamond Oaks:  James Hansel

Career Pathways

Nursery/greenhouse/landscape technician
Greenhouse grower
Park/greenspace manager
Urban farmer
Landscape designer/architect
Landscaping manager/owner
Hydroponic grower

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Available Certifications

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician–Grower
Ohio Certified Nursery Technician–Landscape
Ohio Certified Nursery Technician–Garden Center
Ohio Certified Nursery Technician–Master Technician
CPR/First Aid


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A unique opportunity to connect with many of the area’s top horticulture and urban agriculture companies!Button for high school application

Sustainable Urban Agriculture can prepare you for a career in a nursery or greenhouse as well as institutional groundskeeping or landscape management.  You’ll have the chance to work on real-world projects, including organic urban farming, managing landscapes, hydroponic food production, and greenhouse growing.  This program also prepares you for college in horticulture, agriculture, and other related fields.

(Note: This is a high school program. For options for adults, click here.)

Essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in this program

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