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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Services

College Credits

In this program you can earn college credit!

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Scarlet Oaks:  Chris Johnson
Scarlet Oaks:  Brian Potter
Diamond Oaks:  Molly Maundrell

Career Pathways

Sous chef
Restaurant owner

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Available Certifications

ECSI (Emergency Care & Safety Institute) CPR/First Aid Certification
ServSafe Certification
American Culinary Federation Certified Junior Culinarian


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2016-2017 Scarlet Oaks Gallery Serve Schedule

If creativity and food go together for you, then Culinary Arts and Hospitality Services is a logical choice. Learn toButton for high school application plan, prepare, and serve beautiful and delicious meals as well as the business side of operating a commercial kitchen.
Learn to: 
  • Use popular cooking methods to prepare a wide variety of foods and baked items.
  • Create, write, and understand recipes and menus.
  • Properly use and maintain hand tools and equipment found in a commercial kitchen and bakery.
  • Supervise and manage a restaurant staff, including front office, reservations, and support service skills.

(Note:  This is a high school program.  For options for adults, click here.)

Great Oaks Culinary Arts 2015
“Of the many site visits I have made for the American Culinary Federation in adjudicating secondary culinary programs, I have to repeat what I told all of you at the exit interview…you have, by far, one of the outstanding programs in the nation.”  Chef Don Antinore, American Culinary Federation